What do I need to create my fundraising page?

-      A valid email address and a physical address to register.

-      Content you wish to include on your page (a short story or reason you want to support the Canadian Women’s Foundation).

-      A photo or video you would like to include on your page. Make sure your photo is one of these file types: .gif, .jpeg or .png. Crop and resize the image to 300 X 300 pixels. Make sure the photo is no larger than 1.5 mb.



How do I add more content to my page?

During the creation of your page you will be able to add text and one photo for the main page. Once you have your page created, you can log into the Participant Center and follow the steps in the Personal Page to add/edit content and photos.

How can I add more photos?

Your campaign page can display two photos and one video. To update these, go to your Participant Center and update your personal page. 

I just finished creating my page. Now what do I do?

Now you have finished your page the Fundraising begins! Start by going to your Participant Center and sending a message to your family, friends and coworkers inviting them to visit your personal fundraising page to make a gift.  



How do I raise funds using my page?

Once you have set up your page and set a fundraising goal, you can visit your Participation Center, click on "Email" at the top of the page and choose either a standard message or create your own special email. When people visit your page, they will be able to click on the donate button and make a gift of any amount through a secure online form. Once their donation is processed, it will appear on your page and count towards your fundraising goal. 

What are some ways I can raise more money using my page?

Here are some Fundraising Tips page for some great ideas to help you meet your fundraising goal!

-      Start now - the earlier you begin your fundraising the more successful you'll be in reaching your goal.

-      Contribute to your own page - Start off by making your own gift, then ask friends and family to match your gift.

-      Personalize and update your Participation Center – Share your own story about why you are fundraising for the Canadian Women’s Foundation and upload a photo or video to personalize your page.

-      Double your donations with corporate matches - Does your company match gifts from you and your coworkers? Ask your friends and family if their company offers to match contributions made to non-profits.

-      Share your fundraising page with your social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great tools to share your story and ask for support!

-      Ask your friends to share with their networks - Don't be afraid to ask your social media followers to share your story on their social media pages to help spread the word.

Can I find out who donated to my campaign?

Login to your Participant Center and click on the "Progress" section at the top of the page. This will show you a list of donors and their donation amounts.

How do I make a gift/donation to someone's page?

Click on the Donate button at the top of the page in the main navigation bar. You can search for participants or events and make gifts to support their efforts.  



How do I save/add email addresses?

Go to your Participant Center and login. Click on "Add contacts" at the top of the page. You will be taken to your address book. Here you can look/manage and update your friends email addresses from your different email accounts. 

I can't remember by password/username.

Simply go to the login page and scroll down to "Email My Username/Password" box. Enter your email address and we will email your account login information to that address.